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Carlos Castro, Albert Delgado – Exotic Afro [Wind Horse Records]

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Wind Horse Records is back with another release that’s guaranteed to ignite even the most dormant dance spirit. This time, the label presents a dynamic collaboration between two exceptional talents: Albert Delgado and Carlos Castro.

Albert Delgado, renowned for his mastery of percussion, and Carlos Castro, a virtuoso of rhythmic innovation, come together to create a fusion of sounds that defy boundaries. At the heart of this, lies “Exotic Afro“, a track that imbibes the energy of distant lands and ancient rhythms. As the captivating Middle Eastern strains entwine within the music’s fabric, a palpable sense of ancient allure and desert mysticism envelops the listener, transporting them on a journey across sanddunes and echoing bazaars.

The driving force behind “Exotic Afro” is its relentless percussion, which weaves an enchanting mosaic of sound that is both primal and sophisticated. The central melody, reminiscent of nomadic melodies echoing across vast expanses, beckons you to join the journey. But it’s the bassline that anchors the track, grounding it in a deep, resonant groove that is impossible to resist. As the drums never relent, their insistent rhythm builds a sense of urgency, driving the song forward with a raw intensity that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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