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Out Now : Reverse Osmosis’s “Winds Of Change” LP out now on Lohit Deep.

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Rohit Naik aka Reverse Osmosis has used his time during pandemic wisely in the studio and he has come out with album “Winds Of Change” on Lohit Deep. Winds Of Change is a beautiful amalgamation of multiple expressions of life through varied notes written in the past two years! Keeping in the heart that, music has no boundaries but feelings or memories, Every melody is not written but felt deeply and carved for a lifetime.

Check out the album here

About Reverse Osmosis

A bohemian collecting music from different sources to reform them & play. It will be totally ok to say that he is known for his exhilarating music and style, which is definitely very distinctive from what you hear on your local radio. In the initial years of his rhapsody he spent a lot of time playing at various clubs as a resident DJ and collaborating with several artists for the sake of different music. His first music release in the year 2010 gained a lot of attention and support, and since then he has been releasing music that can be very well distinguished and recognized as his style. Supported and admired by many artists from the planet, making unique sounds has always been his motto. Multiple releases on national & international labels and an agenda to change the world with the magic of music, this man is unstoppable.
You can buy the album from here

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