WHR Podcast 37 Feat. Kaleekarma

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The latest edition of Wind Horse Records Podcast is featuring Mumbai based DJ  Kaleekarma. She is famous for her deep ethnic and hypnotic sets. This edition features tracks from Jacob Gurevitsch, Dark But Gray , Giuliana Melito, Stanisha, Nicola Cruz, Xique-Xique, Robot Koch and many more.

Artist Bio 

Harshita Kalee showed her inclination towards music since childhood and started off her journey by making mix tapes for her friends across various occasions. She moved to Mumbai in 2010 and whilst pursuing her career and further studies; her passion and curiosity towards music led her to learn the art of DJ’ing. In 2012, she launched her moniker under the name of KALEEKARMA through which she discovered the now thriving electronic music scene and was drawn to the melodic, hypnotic beats with psychedelic influences that added an essence. She also experienced a familial vibe when out at certain events which made her realise that she wanted to deliver energetic, emotional experiences to people through her music. She is hugely inspired by the various Indian, organic, ethnic and tribal sounds which help her experiment with her current style.

An extremely seeking artist, you will always notice Kaleekarma sharing a story through her music which is what makes the standard delivery of deep house /electronica and techno so much more meaningful, thus leaving a lasting impression on the mind of the listener.

Here is the mix  

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Wavlngth  – Aneesha Kotwani
mobile: +91 9987066662

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