BoxOut FM : India’s First Independent Radio Station

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The independent music scene in India has been ever flourishing over the years, yet whenever we turn on the radio or any of our mainstream media channels, all we hear are those same 10 songs. To a musician, this can be frustrating. We’ve all dreamt of a world where every genuinely musical sound will be shared with the right people who’re waiting for bliss to caress their ears. This might be an overly utopic ideology, but we surely work towards it!

Speaking of working towards it, that’s exactly what BoxOut FM is doing. Launched on the 12th of April, they believe they were born out of necessity, and we agree! They share finely curated independent music for all those out there looking for a connection with the musical realms. DJ Mocity, who’s got his own podcast called “Motellacast” , does the music curation for BoxOutFM. His partner in crime is Sahej Bakshi AKA Dualist Inquiry is also the co-founder.



With the music scene growing exponentially, its impossible for people to keep track of it all through social channels, BoxOut FM hopes to provide an organized and well curated view of the ocean of awesomeness that is the independent or non-commercial music scene of India as well as play a role in the evolution of it.


Unlike mainstream radio, they won’t be turning you down if you’re not already blasting on every auto rickshaws system. All you’ve got to have is music coming from the right place, a genuine appreciation and love for the art that is creating great music. If that’s in place, all you’ve got to do is send your sounds over to their ‘Submit’ section on their website

We asked the people over at BoxOut FM what their aim was with this, how they hoped it would play out. This is what they had to say!

“The main reason for’s existence is to support, unify and provide a voice for the Indian independent music scene. We aim to be a consistent and reliable source of independent music from India and beyond, and to be a platform where artists can get exposure and music lovers can find the music that appeals to them. All in all, we plan to keep pushing forward with our core philosophy, growing as a radio station, and also hopefully helping the rest of the community in the process. “


If your not already listening to them while reading this article, you must get your ears on this!

Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  to stay updated with all the magical stuff they’re upto.


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