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Warehousemix Blog : It’s Music, Dance, Space And …. A Dance Music Journey From Tokyo to Delhi .

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House music is not just 4/4 rhythms of sounds….there’s something special about it.

Akiko experienced House music for the first time at a club in Tokyo and Kerri Chandler was playing that night. Until the day she stepped into the club, she didn’t know about the club culture!

My first house music experience was in Tokyo. I was devastated back then, there’s a process of growth in life, we may face contradictions. One day someone took me to this dark cubical basement space, disco ball was shining, big speakers and loud music. Wow I couldn’t understand what’s happening but the music and the beats hit me. That was the moment when house music came into my life and disco ball started to shine.  

After the many years of life and musical journey, she migrated to Delhi for her work, she did not expect the House music magic is still with her and it will relight again in Delhi.  After the first music session with three of us(Rishabh, Tartaruga and Akiko), our music dialogue never ended whenever we found time, mostly we shared house tracks after Capoeira class.

During pandemic time also we did not stop our music dialogue by sharing tracks and listening to world famous DJ’s live streaming.  Sanchit (Tartaruga) was almost in musical *Sadhana, he listened songs, experimented console and mixing tracks, from the moment he was not only a dancer, but he also became to a DJ.  Our personal music sessions attracted friends and family, its expanded to size of 300 more people named anti club sessions now.

DJ booth, Dance floor, proper sound system with lighting performance, these are the elements to create sacred space. In the space DJ weaves the stories by music with love, we feel it and respond by dance with love.  It’s music, dance, space, love, fashion and culture.

This club music culture manifested back in time in New York by legendary DJs, organisers and Dancers as “The Loft” “Paradise Garage” “Sound Factory”, and the style and the split passed down to House music DJs and organisers now.  It is amazing how we feel even a bit of it because we did not experience the scene on time but the culture grabbed our heart and soul in Delhi.

House Music isn’t black or white. It just is. It feels good & it feels right.  Frankie Knuckles  

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  *Sadhana – Spilitual practice

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