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Hebdo Mixtape : Party Pack Series Vol . 3

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Hebdo Mixtapes (HMT) is the brainchild of a music lover, with the sole objective of promoting the music of Indian independent musicians. This Instagram page puts out weekly curated genre specified playlists featuring tracks from independent artists all over India, that are available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Since October 2020, HMT has been collaborating with Bangalore- based DJ, John Johnson, to curate a series of electronic dance playlists called the ‘Party Pack Series’. The first two playlists of this series feature only electronic music artists that hail from India. For the latest playlist HMT and John Johnson has collaborated with Beats Beyond Borders, and widened their scope to curate a list featuring artists from other parts of Asia.

Party Pack Series: Vol 3 offers music from the likes of Kohra, Zone+, Nishan Lee, Davi, Weird Sounding Dude, Vridian, SHFT, Asymetrik and many more


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