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Small Talk with Redroom Sessions

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Redroom Sessions is an up and coming player of the house music scene in North India. They have been consistently throwing parties across clubs and building up their own community through events and Redroom Tv shows. Known for their productions and unique concepts, we wanted to know more about their company and decided to ask them a few questions.

1. What is Redroom Sessions and how did you come up with the name?
A) The name Redroom came from the jam room in my house where one of the walls was red in color. Being a drummer and having a sense of rhythm drove me into the liking of House music and Redroom Sessions was born.
Redroom Sessions is an electronic music label that runs an online podcast station and a concept label curating a pop up shows all over India, showcasing the best DJs in India and the world. Redroom is focused on the evolution and growth of electronic music in India.
2. What kind of audience do you cater to?
A) We cater to all audiences having an ear for electronic music, we are a bridge between the commercial and underground community hence connecting both on a single platform.
3. How often do you do shows and what is the Redroom Experience?
A) We do about 15-20 shows annually mainly in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur & Chandigarh. Our main focus for a show is the experience we create for people, with visuals, programmed lighting and with the best DJs in town making a show one different than the other.
4. What is Redroom TV?
A) Redroom TV is our live streaming property, viewable on our YouTube Channel and streamed live on Facebook.
It provides a never-before-seen platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their talents and amplify their voice to the world. An offline video of the party is recorded and uploaded on the channel.
5. What is The Hustle?
A) The Hustle is a sub-property of Redroom Sessions that focuses on Hip – Hop music, showcasing the best of Hip-Hop artists and Rappers from all over the country.
6. What are the future plans for Redroom Sessions?
A) Redroom Sessions aims to promote good quality electronic music, promote the best upcoming talent and to host shows with an experience that people would never forget.

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