Under The Radar : Coalition Music

Latest from our under the radar series is the dynamic duo behind “Coalition music”. Lets take a sneak peak in their success stories and much more below, with inside scoops from Sanjay Dutta, the electronic music legend and Abhijeet Bohra better known as Dj Beat2.

Q1. Tell us about the journey that is called “Coalition Music

Hey Bahaar, hope you’re doing good. Basically Coalition Music started in 2011 for a very simple reason that Dada (Sanjay Dutta) and I wanted to push Underground Music in India more consistently. We both had a pretty successful sting for another concept we were pushing in Mumbai back in 2006. At the core of it was our personal comfort level- Dada has been inspiration, mentor and more like an elder brother to me. I feel I have a heavy responsibility when my name is attached to name who is an institution himself for quality electronic music for more than two and half decades. So this complimenting style of music, mutual love and respect is the base of Coalition Music.


Q2. You guys have been revolutionary in many ways for our Industry, what was the inspiration behind all that you have achieved

The inspiration and core to being revolutionary is your taste of music, dedication and consistency. I’ve seen a lot of individuals and groups come up with brilliant ideas but somehow fizzle out. We work very hard in keeping the quality of our music in the highest possible form. We travel, invest a lot of time in research on global trends in music and at the core be true to what we’re doing. It’s very easy to get lost when you cross small hurdles but that’s not an achievement. We try and aim at is achieving satisfaction on project basis. The idea is to learn from every project, improvise and move to the next one. You need your goals to be defined and where you’re heading. Our goal is simple, happiness and creating an experience for our audience through events, podcast, record label etc. If we achieve one memorable moment- they never forget you for life and Music is a very powerful source to do this!


Q3. What lies ahead in the future for Coalition Music?

Last year Dada and I had important personal commitments which held us back after doing such amazing tours in 2015. We’ll be kicking off on that front soon. Also at moment under my supervision- Coalition Music is curating nights at Sirkus, Mumbai.

Along with this we’re working on releasing some new music from artist like Farhan Rehman (who’s also released on Wind Horse) and Nipun has delivered an excellent remix and some of my original stuff too. We’re also in talks with an International DJ/ Producer for an EP release too. Finally we’re working on a compilation project which is in very early stages, but is looking exciting as hell already.


Q4. Tell us a little more about your personal projects ?

Sanjay Dutta: Personally I’ve been pretty busy with gigs all round, I recently played 2 weekend in Mumbai for Deep In Dance and Trilogy Out, both being extremely different from each other in terms of the vibes. I am also curating at night called The Big Ego which focusses on homegrown talent but has also hosted Artist like Guy J, Guy Mantzur etc. and coming up is Khen on this weekend. Apart from this I’ll be playing alongside Hernan Cattaneo who kicks off his Balance India Tour with my friends at AFE. So yeah, a lot of interesting stuff going on there too.

DJ Beat2: Personally, I’m working with International Labels too. I released on Sudbeat in 2015 and then BC2 Records, Asymmetric Recordings, Modern Agenda and 3rd Avenue. I have some interesting projects lined up with Labels but waiting for some confirmations here. Along with this I’m looking at pushing a lot more music through Coalition Music on sounds that represent my different aspect as a producer.

I’ve just recently given up my residency and will be focusing more on the studio front. My health has been of serious concern lately but I’m already on recovery path. I’m only doing very select few gigs at the moment but will start touring soon too.



Q5. Your radio show ORIGIN sounds pretty exciting, tell us a little more about it

ORIGIN was an organic extension to our podcast. We were publishing weekly DJ sets on iTunes, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and received amazing support from the Artist community Worldwide. We would like to thank each and every Artist who has contributed to that. Due to our consistency over 4 years, we got hooked with Frisky Radio and suddenly the whole World has become our playground through this powerful medium. We’re receiving messages from listeners from different parts of the planet which would not have been possible before. A special thanks to Darin Epsilon for helping us here too.


Q6. We have heard about Coalition Music Academy coming up soon. Would you like to share some details about it?

Coalition Music Academy project kicked off but took a little backseat due to DJ Beat2’s health condition. He will be joined with one of India’s Top Producer A-Myth who has vast experience in background music score, remixes and maybe the only artist in India who’s officially remixed the like of A.R.Rehman. This will be taking off soon, work is in progress in full form here too!


Q7. What is next for Coalition music?

Coalition Music has been quiet but not silent. We’re working on some more Artist tours and will continue with Events, Radio Show, Record Label and more projects. We strive to bring out the best possible electronic music from different parts along with setting up a platform from new artist to showcase their talent to the World. Watch-out 2017 will be bigger than ever 😉

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