News : Dutchie Music track “Secret Buddha” hits No 1 in Deep House charts

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We are delighted to inform you that the Soledrifter Dub of the original track “Secret Buddha” produced by Ugur Soygur has made to the no 1 position in the deep house charts of beatport. The reason why we are throwing some light on this news is because the label that has released this track “Dutchie Music” happens to be one of our all time favorite labels. This label has been consistently releasing quality deep house for 14 years and to see such a credible label make it to no 1 also signals to us that beatport is gaining more street cred by supporting more deserving labels. Regardless of the fact beatport’s involvement in the chart entries, it just very reassuring to see quality music being supported. We would like to congratulate all the parties involved in this chart positioning!! Time to celebrate!

“The Secret Buddha Has reached #1 in the Beatport Deep House charts I must say the view from up here is so nice!
Dutchie Music has earned it’s fifth #1 Record in its 14 year History Soledrifter is the truth! Ugur thank you for the original which is still top shelf. Big up t0 all who supported this and still buy music.”
– Juan Mejia (Dutchie Music)


                            Ugur Soygur                                                                                         Soledrifter

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