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Dance First by Warehousemix

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Nobody understands music like a dancer does and that has been our foundation. It has been the root cause for our parties to be the way they are, it is the sole reason why anyone who comes to our session becomes one with the music! While everyone is talking about music, we wanna talk about dancing first! While everyone wants more DJs, Producers and Record Labels, we want more dancers!

It’s the freedom of movement and the musical experience curated at  these parties and we as dancers understand that and as organisers wanna give it off to people!

Los Angeles’ Open House Family created this connection for us!

Back in 2017 when Rishabh was travelling in California, learning the essence of movement he came across these Dance Sessions organised by the OpenHouseFamily of LA!

Watching those dancers and hearing that soulful house music gave answers to a lot of our things and has been guiding us since! The experiential journey had to be shared and only a dancer could understand it. Coming back to the country all stoked about house dancing and finding a partner like Sanchit(Tartaruga) added fuel to the fire!

Our Research about this Culture deepened, to understand the movement better we traced the history and found how Dancers have been a part of this house culture since forever From this point on we started doing everything for this community of our country, from organising national/international workshops to organising battles. We were committed to the Dancing community of the country and the musical part of it was yet to hit us!

When the world is your oyster ,you can listen to the beats beyond borders and that happened for us!


Travelling and experiencing house music culture in different parts of the world, our Japanese guru Akiko made us what we are musically today! The musical revelation started in the first ever session when three of them were travelling back together to the city! All the Kerri Chandler and Master of Work is from her, by her, to WarehouseMix, all for the love for this culture!

The Japanese influence of the New York House Music in NewDelhi,

The Classic House Music, & the rest is History!

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