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Hamza’s Producer On Focus : Nickodemus

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I first discovered Nickodemus when i was a student at NYU in 2003. I had just started collecting vinyl and i used to go to a store in the
east village called Dance Tracks. I would keep coming across his vinyls and at the time and noticed that his tunes were so different. It took me some time to digest his music as I had no exposure to this sound, but soon after few months I began to understand it and appreciate it. Now when I listen to his catalog, I am blown away and personally think he is a living legend. His productions are like a lesson on how an electronic music producer can make such organic music. You can tell how much effort has gone into recording musicians in each tracks. He uses only few  samples from sample libraries . The tunes feel like a band is playing them out live and for me that is the highest standard possible. If any producer is able to get the punch of electronic music and combine that with flawless musicianship, then I will have most respect for them.
My favorite tracks of him

Artist Bio

Nickodemus has 3 albums. “ENDANGERED SPECIES” 2005, “SUN PEOPLE” 2009, “MOON PEOPLE” 2012. “WONDERWORLD” 10 Years of Music Making album is out Feb 2015. “Turntables on the Hudson” compilations Volumes 1 – 9.

From being a resident DJ in the early days of Giant Step & Organic Grooves, to DJ & producing the Turntables on the Hudson parties since 1998, Nickodemus has been a steady force on the music scene for over 15 Years. He has traveled the World as a DJ since he’s 18 & has been dropping musical productions since 1998 with highlight songs Cleopatra in New York, Mariposa, Free Souls, Mi Swing es Tropical, Sun Children & more…

He’s collaborated on remixes for Bob Marley, Billy Holiday, Nina Simone, Mr Scruff, Thievery Corporation, Sultan Kahn, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Balkan Beat Box, The Pimps of Joytime, Quantic & many more… Like his live DJ sets, get ready to go on a musical journey through the World of funky- organic- electronic- urban dance music all seen through the eyes of a New York native who consistently makes music without borders.

Artist Links
Nickodemus is playing in New Delhi this month on 21st February for boxout.fm at Summer House. More details here

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