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Label Focus – Kamai Music

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I heard about Jacob Groening and his label Kamai Music through Troja who has been one of the leading artists from the Wind Horse Records Camp here in India. Jacob was traveling in India and touring here and as a result, we ended up connecting. I checked out his label which he started along with Zigan Aldi, Bonfante, and Robin Schellenberg. As soon as I saw the releases, I noticed a track by Elfenberg there, which I felt spot on with all their productions. Their presence was an instant sign of credibility and made me curious about the other tracks.

Besides Jacob Groening’s tracks on Kamai Music, all the other remixes of his tracks and the originals were as good in terms of quality and composition. The production value of this label is as good as it gets and the tracks sound huge in terms of their sound. Top mastering, super clean mixdowns, amazing musical elements, and super slick arrangements. Even though this label started in 2018, I feel they are here to make a serious impact in the years to come. Big Congrats to the label managers, founders, and artists. Super happy to have found you guys!

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Kamai Music is a berlin based imprint for organic dance music, founded by Zigan Aldi, Jacob Groening, Bonfante, and Robin Schellenberg.


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