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Schooling Is The Foundation For The WMXperience By WareHouseMix.

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WareHouseMix. An organisation. A community – curating experiences for artists and people alike to explore their expression through music and movement. 

Over the past 5 years, we have been shaping dance music culture in India through various events. While our parties have become a testimony to the culture we promote, we want to make sure our people get the intent behind this movement. To relate better to any culture, you have to dive deep into its roots. That is when its true essence is passed on to people. 

Modern-day music was born in the USA from the struggles and oppression of people from various cultures who came together to express themselves through music and movement. We acknowledge the contributions of the Black and LGBT community in shaping house music culture as we know it today and want to share it with the Indian diaspora for its true spirit. As an organisation, we want to create more opportunities to educate our community about this culture.

WMXperience is a 3-day festival that focuses on connecting movement and lifestyle through educative mediums. 

Schooling, one of the three legs of this festival involves workshops where dancers can enhance their skills and expand their flow and connection with house music. This is our way of bridging the gap for Indian dancers and taking them directly to the source of the dance music community that started it all in New York City. Sekou Heru, based in Brooklyn, NYC, has been a significant member of this community and carries the quintessence of house dance. His unique style fuses a range of forms from hip-hop, b-boying, house to capoeira and fitness. His techniques are designed to help his students bring body awareness and excellence through dance foundations. He has traveled around the world sharing the history, style and culture of dance music.  

Get Down, which is another leg of this festival is an extension to help our community get more comfortable and get a deeper connect with this culture. It’s an opportunity to absorb all the knowledge and expertise passed down in Schooling, blend it with their own expression, and engage in dialogue with other members of the community. They take back experience and techniques which add character to their art.  

The choices we make today shape our future and we are shaping a beautiful culture that brings people together, where they feel safe and connected. With passion in our hearts, we hope WMXperience captures the heart and soul of dance music culture and invite you to be a part of it.

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