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News : Juan Mejia’s “The Juice” LP Out Now.

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The Juice is Juan Mejia’s 4th album and by far his most satisfying offer yet.  The LP is out on Dutchie Worldwide. Juan dives into many genres leading the listener to many feelings in the 60-minute experience.

Amoeba is an opening tune, and it’s the only vocal tune on the album. Its got the Kruder or Tosca vibe. It is a collaboration with Allan Zax from Bulgaria. Second track Ginger is a jazz number inspired by Ginger Baker. Guitars on this track are by Aaron lebos. Third installment Fat Albert is a chunky tune,  Inspired from the vibes of the 70s New York. Aaron Lebos and Ben McGehee enhanced this tune big time!

Next track Tangerine is inspired by the San Fran 90’s sound,  Aaron Lebos and Ben McGehee again blessed this tune with their magic. Fifth track from the LP Luxor, a tune made when Juan went to Egypt.  This one is a rolling deep slow jam, captured the chants from this Egyptian cd he purchased there.  Sokum, this is an interlude, a Cambodian chant Juan recorded when he was traveling there, Other samples are from his pal Viki in Angkor Wat. This track is a dedication to his pal Sokum who passed away earlier this year.

Seventh track Moon Strut Is a collaboration with Stan Kolev and they together bring the Nu-disco vibes to the LP.  8th Installment in the LP is deep house gen called Twilight.  Ninth track Stella is a tune Juan made for his mom. its a Funky Sax number and has a classic house sound and is a collab with Allan Zax. Next track Sazon,   is a flamenco Latin jam, Juan’s Latin roots shine on this one. Once again Aaron Lebos & Ben McGehee go on and show us their musical talent on this one. Also, we have Ian Stewart with a killer trumpet solo. Second last track Down South is a drive home at 6 am track inspired by Steely Dan and 70s classic rock.
Final track Gussy (Goodbye pal) is a chillout outro, dedicated to Juan’s friend Gus Clavijo who lost his life to COVID. Hope everyone enjoys it.

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