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WHR Podcast 56 Ft. Fadescha

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56th Episode of WHR Podcast is featuring DJ from New Delhi, India Vidisha aka Fadescha. Featuring music from Black Coffee, Doubtingthomas, Fatima Yamaha, DJ Koze, Yamil, Efdemin and many more.

Here is the set she made for us


1. Dario Nuñez, Niltox – Que nadie se meta conmigo
2. Black Coffee – The Beat Of Indlamu
3. Flares – Land of Light (Tambien Remix) 
4. Doubtingthomas – 4 Years
5. Kisk – Made (Kjofol_Ritornello_Remix)
6. Fatima Yamaha – Araya 
7. Mark Alow – White Tusk
8. DJ Koze – La Duquesa
9. Nukem – Twisted Answer
10. Yamil – Amaru
11. Sibu – Bakkie My Bokkie
12. Efdemin – Nighttrain_Fred_P_Re_Shape
13. Ulises – Cruz del Sur
14. DJ Nisro – Sumatra
15. Juliano Gomez – Kharma (Artimpakt, Veytik Remix)
16. Inti Kunza – Peuma

Artist Bio

Fadescha showcases Techno & House leaning towards Acid, Industrial, Hard and Psychedelic sounds. She loves world, disco, electro, afro house for more melodic and chill sets. Also fond of modular sounds, experimental noise and internet genres primarily Hard Vapour. In production her interests lie in field recordings and found sound. She recently collaborated with Hyperbation (China) to create a live act, a VR Rave, “Hyperbody IV: The Hyperrave of Queer Maximalism”.
Fadescha participated in Synthfarm 2019, and was invited to the Nightlife Residency II, in Beijing (Feb-Mar ‘19) to engage with the local music and nightlife scene. Along with producing dialogue of exchange, she played at clubs like Zhao Dai and Dada.
Vidisha is an artist and curator working across Arts & Cultural disciplines, and considers parties as a site for artistic praxis. She is a member of Coven Code, a creative music collective based in Delhi, and co-founded ‘Sive’, a transdisciplinary collective working to build a dialogue around caste and gender.
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