Editor’s Pick: Summer Parties – India Edition feat. ‘Focal Nights’, ‘Framed’ and ‘Blackout’

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The words ‘summer party’ have wildly varied connotations around the world. While dance floors in the Western world have finally begun to thaw out and are currently being overrun by a staggering number of festivals, day parties and boat parties, back home it’s almost unthinkable to brave the sweltering heat and humidity before dusk. It has always intrigued me how geographical and geological differences affect the cultural make-up of a region and although a shared love of dance music is one commonality, the ways we revel in it remain distinct the world over.

Across the pond, this time of the year is all about extended ragers on rooftops and yachts with perspiring bodies, sunny dispositions and a totally up-for-it crowd. On the contrary, back home partygoers rarely hit the club (or café/resto-pub as the Indian equivalent would be) before 10 p.m.. Here, the afterhours scenes are more prevalent due to a perceivable night-time drop in temperature. This is also a slow period for the event circuit as the wealthier section of the party crowd jets off to popular European festivals.

However, even if you don’t fall into that gone-overseas-for-the-summer category, don’t rue your luck just yet. There’s some sick music being played out at these three new event properties right here in your backyard. Take a look.

FOCAL – Littlei & Dusdozen (Calcutta)

Focal is a club night created by Littlei to showcase electronic music DJ culture in Kolkata. Curated and managed by Dusdozen, the promotional group responsible for bringing the first wave of weekly House and Techno events to the city, Focal now converges on a specific faculty within the DJ community.

The concept is to bring back the fulfilling music experience felt when artists break beyond the limitations of the current one to two hour-long sets they’re made to perform. FOCAL individually hosts some of the most accomplished DJs globally for marathon 4+ hour sets to explore the nuances and inventiveness of dance music. The event is hosted every Friday at BLACK – the city’s newest nightclub at Aauris Hotel.


FRAMED – Regenerate (Various Cities)

Framed is an audio-visual concept night driven by house music (only). Owing to the lack of exposure of the genre in the city & country in general, Framed aims to fill the void one show at a time! With a ton of gigs under their belt already on some of the biggest platforms across the country, as well as some interesting original productions in the pipeline, Orbs & Zen X Blurry Slur definitely know their House music, and wish to dish it out on a bigger scale to audiences all over!

Frames to be used – Vanity Van, TV , Smartphone, Window, Jail and more.

The first edition took place at Antisocial, Khar on 4th of June. They will further be touring other cities in July building on the same concept.

Framed by Regenerate

BLACKOUT – Bhavishyavani Future Soundz (Mumbai)

Yes, you heard it right! Bhavishyavani Future Soundz’ infamous Blackout has returned in a revamped avatar at the trendy new Antisocial, Khar. While the series had initially been discontinued at its previous venue – Café Nemo, fans of the Bhavishyavani sound can rejoice because those guys are back with a vengeance.

The idea is pretty self-explanatory but in the remote chance that you’re slow, here’s the gist: a dark room, intermittent flashes of neon and no-fluff dance music. So if you’re keen on some distraction free aural immersion, this is probably the right place for you.

Blackout by Bhavishyavani Future Soundz

We’ll be posting new dates and line-ups for the upcoming events in these series in our weekly ‘Featured Events’ listing in the ‘Events’ category of the blog every Tuesday, in case you want to stay in the loop. As tempting as it might be to remain indoors and avoid the scorching weather, we strongly recommend you channel that passive aggressive rage on the floor at one of these parties instead of on social media.

Stay cool.

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