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If you like Jazzy House beats, than look no further. Crackazat is your man. I came across his ep called “Period Works” last year on Z Records and I just fell in love with the entire ep, especially crystal eyes. What a sick track! Wow! That bass is just off da hook! I did notice that all 3 tracks were top notch and that made me realize that i had to keep my eye on this producer as its quite rare to all tracks that are equally good. Most of the time, you find producers that may have a few good tracks but not all. Crackazat is definitely  an exception. I just love it when you find a producer who can really play keys and also be technically proficient in terms of production. Its so rare to see that, but when you find people like this, you need to encourage them and support them as its the right message for the next generation.
” Production and Musicianship hand in hand”! I am not saying that producers that are not musicians are not creative. On the contrary, one can find many producers that do amazing things without musical theory, but if you know your way on an instrument, it just adds a whole new dimensions and wins respect in another way! Crackazat, I hope you keep going! Love your sound!
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Artist Bio

Originally from Bristol England, Ben Jacobs aka Crackazat is a multi-Instrumentalist and electronic producer. Since his emergence on the international scene, he has quickly become recognised for his unique fusion of Jazz and House music.

Crackazats first experience with dance music was an early one. He grew up tap dancing to jazz with his mother, developing an innate sense of swing and rhythm.It was later in to his teenage years, that he picked up guitar, bass and started producing, emulating any music of his interest, be it the underground hip hop of Madlib, or the Jazz-funk of Jamiroquai.

In 2012 he released the “Explanation” EP on Astro Dynamics, showcasing his skill for downtempo beats and synth funk, However it was his first exploration in to club music with the “Tunnel” EP on Futureboogie Records the same year, which brought him to the attention of DJs worldwide. His relocation to Sweden the same year kick-started an alliance with Swedish house label Local Talk. In 2015 he released his debut album ‘Crescendo’ to critical acclaim. Two singles from the album, ‘Eye Light’ and ‘Somewhere Else’ have established themselves as future classics.

The last couple of years Crackazat has had an explosion of global popularity, with remixes for the likes of Joey Negro, Moulinex, and Tom Misch. Not to mention the japanese vinyl sensation ‘Coffee Time’. A euphoric house track built around a sample from a Acapella group based in his city of Uppsala.

When it comes to Live Sets, crackazat sets the bar high, having started out with supporting sets for Bonobo and Floating points. His glorious keyboard solos, funky bass guitar, and general infectious grooviness are winning him crowds across the planet.

2017 will see the release of his second album, ‘Rainbow Fantasia’, an Eloquent and intelligent jazz house masterpiece.

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