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News : Kali G – Enthnology Album out now on Wind Horse Records

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Wind horse records is ecstatic to welcome once again, the music messiah that is Kali G. The Moroccan DJ and producer returns to our label with a dazzling 9-track LP called ‘Ethnology’ that explores an endless melodic cosmos. Far from the industrial music this is a 9-track story that depicts a journey into sound that spreads across continents. An album with influences from many cultures of the world, from Egypt, Lebanon to Tanzania and India seeking peace and no division through music.

For Kali, the last year has been a busy year with gigs and family events like the birth of his child to whom Ethnology is dedicated to. In his own words, he tells us that the labor that went into making this album was like putting all the highs and lows of life together through music. As a listener, one is instantly struck by an intensely intimate, surreal, organic and emotive sound palette that has been used for the making of this album. The instruments pool is very varied and rich ranging from old and organic instruments like the ‘oud’ to Indian flutes and tablas. These sounds are melded together with alluring vocal arrangements that sample folkloric and classic voices from the Maasai tribes in Tanzania along with a tribute to some of the most known and respected voices in the Arabic world like the legends Oum Kaltoum and Nouhad Haddad

The album starts-off with a ‘what she does to me’, a saw-tooth lead infused slow tribal burner that could make one picture the lush-green forest of a dystopian utopia. Kali follows this up with the aptly titled ‘Piano road’. The raw drum arrangements couple with delayed piano notes and chords ooze class and simplicity and could be a weapon in any DJs repertoire. ‘Alqoods’, a track that is infused with the Moroccan sound smith’s middle-eastern sensibilities, is wonderfully playful and energetic at the same time. A hazy-minimal cut that grows onto you, the more you play it.

It is no secret that Kali has a certain place in his heart for India and it is no surprise that his track ‘Rajasthan’ also ticks all the boxes when it comes to cross-cultural diversity in house music. Absorbing sounds from ethnic music groups, the track seamlessly blends in with tropical percussive rhythms and classical flute overlays. A frequent dabbler in the art of sampling himself the deep house alchemist has also included ‘Mama Love’ both as a track and a simple but well thought out DJ Tool that could find use in a number of situations. His sampling skills are again on display with “Maasai Soul’, one of the stand-out tracks of the album. The track is an ode to the Maasai tribe from Africa and is imbibed with samples and influence from the former.

Kali G’s dystopian aural vision returns with ‘Yaomri’ that could be recognized as the one of the most emotive tracks of the album. Intelligently layered vocal samples lure the listener into a momentary trance and make for a peak time bomb, waiting to be dropped. The incredible album is finally rounded off with ‘Lute’, a simple and useful cut that would work any sound system.

This release is also personally significant for Kali G, as he uses the positivity of the world as his inspiration to create his music and to spread the message of love, peace and unity. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Supported by Agoria c/o, Gab Rhome, ŽAGAR, Robbie Akbal, BOg, Elliot Adamson, Jon /RÜFÜS DU SOL, Wax Wings, Jerome Price, Gavin / Disciples, Rhythm Masters, Luigi Madonna, Animal Trainer, Josh Butler, Applescal, Hifi Sean, Richie Hawtin c/o, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Paco Osuna, LCAW, Olivier Weiter, Horse Meat Disco, and Carl Craig c/o

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