WHR Podcast 46 Ft. IV – IN

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46th episode of WHR Podcast is featuring DJ/Producer from Romania Lorand Marton aka IV-IN. This podcast features artist like Two Mamarrachos, Lions Drums, Just Emma, Moscoman, Red Axes and many more.

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1. Tapan – Party over
2. Upercent – Vents Del Desert
3. Coco Monad – Malchizedek (Two Mamarrachos Remix)
4. Ali Kuru – Zurna (Craig Bratley Remix)
5. Lions Drums – Onwere
6. Tugce Kurtis – Sevdan Olmasa (Drumspyder Remix) 
7. Juan Pablo Cerabolo – Aguamarina
8. Zakir – Ruhi (Just Emma Remix)
9. Rodion, Local Suicide and Alibey – True Love Floats (Moscoman Remix)
10. Disco Halal – Hamathil (Red Axes Edit) 
11. Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud – Wana Is Nouveau (IV-IN’s Live Edit) 
12. Changir Chinar – Helluva 
Artist Bio
IV-IN is a natural movement in a synthethic world. His approach to creation is unique and special, with a great emphasis of perfecting things but making them sound as natural as they can.His music is often dark, psychedelic, shamanic and emotional with an organic twist. Always trying to recreate particular places, events, atmospheres and feelings with the music he makes, he makes the perfect balance between organic, acoustic and analog sounds. Even if most of his efforts go into producing music that’s unreleased and making exclusive edits of songs, he keeps part of energy for his live performances and DJ sets. His live sets are where you can hear songs for the first and last time, as he never played the same live set twice.
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