Synthfarm 2017 – March 10th – 12th

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The third edition of Synthfarm is here.

Synthfarm is a three day interactive workshop on modular synthesis, digital audio workstations, theoretical and practical aspects  of electronic music and sound. Synthfarm is curated by  Varun Desai aka 5Volts/Yidam. The idea behind Synthfarm is to give the electronic music producer community insights and debunk various myths about synthesisers all in a creative atmosphere. The organiser’s focus is on providing an experience for experts and newbies alike.


The workshop is held close to Dattapukur village, a 90 minute drive from Kolkata. This three days workshop also help music producers to escape from urban life  and to collaborate and jam with machines like simple computers to vintage synths and modular synth rigs. Since the curator wants to give an exclusive and great experience for the attendees, he is limiting entry to 10 people. The workshop will be conducted in 3 different studios at the venue by 4 faculties. It’s just not the 3 days of musical experience you are getting here. The participants also get to experience chef prepared fresh organic food from the farm,  barbecues and jam sessions at night.

Synthfarm 2016Synthfarm (West Bengal, India)

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The topics for the workshop are


STUDIO # 2 // THE JAM with 5volts

STUDIO # 3 // THE DAW with Audio Pervert

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email : or call +91 9830046963 for more info and registration

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