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Out Now : Madou Kouyate’s “Nindjougou Ep” on Wind Horse Records

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The Wind Horse electronic stable preps a stunning EP with an international touch for our next release that’s an ode to the growth and influence of ethnic global music in the Indian electronic music industry. We welcome Madou Kouyate, the extremely talented singer and songwriter from Mali for a 6-tracker that also features label boss Hamza Rahimtula (India) and Unnayanna (India) on remix duties.

Kicking things off in this release is the title track of the album ‘Nindjougou’, a beautiful rendition that sparks warmth and speaks to the soul. The tune feature’s Madou’s incredible vocal prowess that layered with ethnic strings and percussions in a more than delightful manner. Nindjougou with almost a folk-music feel to it, the title track is an easily addictive melody that powers through with an uplifting emotion supported by stabs of an ethereal pad to round off a stunning track.

On the remixes, Hamza keeps it clean and groovy, using elements of the title track judiciously to craft a beachside dance-floor burner. The track springs to life with a piano stab that gives it a very  ‘Chicago house meets Africa’ vibe that retains the flavor of the original and stands-out by itself. Unnanyanna’s remix is rather special as the afro-house exponent gives it the acid treatment. The rework also features samples from a xylophone that adds an oriental vibe mixed in with a deep, bouncy bassline that certainly brings the funk.

Madou Kouyate’s second release titled ‘Souleymane Sangare’ is more upbeat with a simple yet effective drum pattern coupled with raspy percussions. The track powers through with effortless ease, accompanied by simple-uplifting pads that offer the required aural ambiance. Once again, however, it’s Madou’s vocals that stand-out and really take this tune to the next level.

The second of the remixes from the effervescent Hamza is positively breath-taking. The veteran’s incredible ear leads him to produce a track that screams ‘Detroit’ and ‘Disco’ at the same time. It is a reflection of the influences that have helped shape his music. Cosmic pads accompany a delightful bass-guitar riff that in itself is enough to get you tapping your feet. A track to throw down peak-time or warm up any dance floor pulls you in and keeps you moving. Rounding off the release is an extended version of Madou’s second that can be defined as ‘Made for the club’.

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