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The music scene in India is improving day by day, and who do we have to thank for that? Well, people like Ankur Kedia from Bleep who go out of their way to make sure they bring to us amazing artists from all over the world, expanding our palettes and ensuring our ears are graced with the sweetest sounds in the industry. We asked Ankur a few questions, here is what he had to say!


Q1) What is Bleep? What was the inspiration behind creating this entity?

Bleep is primarily a party collective and a touring agency at this point.

We are going through a bit of a stagnation where only a handful of people are pushing the right kind of music. We wanted to join the conversation at some point and bring down artists who no else is booking at the moment.


Q2) Who all are part of the team?

We are a DIY collective the business side of things is handled by myself and Bhishma Sagar. We have tons of other people who are fellow artists / promoters in India or overseas who are helping us build and sustain the vision of Bleep.


Q3) What kind of music are you guys looking to promote and why?

We are fairly diverse in our bookings. Anything which is fresh / relevant to the music we personally listen and play is what we would ideally book.


Q4) What is the key to getting people to come out and listen to your music?

We never book an act thinking whether it will pack up the venue or not. We just focus on the music aspect and ask ourselves will we personally pay money to go see them? If the answer is Yes then we do the tour. Also we do take up the responsibility of generating awareness about lesser known acts when we are bringing someone relatively obscure. It’s a challenge we enjoy. Eventually people will identify with our aesthetic and it will be much easier to have a set audience for the kind of stuff we are planning in the future.


Q5) Do work and play blend well? Do you have any complaints?

We consider ourselves really lucky to be able to do what we really wanted to do. Sometimes partying for a living can suck! For two reasons primarily the First being the money you earn out of all the work one puts in is fairly negligible and secondly you often miss out on some of the great moments in the party because your busy trouble shooting behind the scenes.


Q6) DustyKid was an amazing act you guys brought down, should we be excited about any upcoming acts?

Dusty Kid was one of those once in a lifetime moment for us where we had goosebumps seeing Paolo live in person. He is possibly the most under rated live act in the planet and believe us when we say this – even some of the so called top 10 in the world agree to that. We are working on a lot more exciting acts for later this year.


Q7) Being in the industry, do you have a favourite gig? One that you shall remember? What made it so special?

Alexander Robotnick at future theory afterparty was special. Also recently when we had Rodriguez Jr. & Dusty Kid play together in Mumbai Kitty Su. The vibe was something else. I think a lot of people will agree that this was one of the finest gigs in recent times.


Q8) What lays ahead for BLEEP? What kind of plans do you guys have in a broader perspective?

After we wrap up Barem end of this month that will be our 6th tour in 4 months. We will step up the heat closer to the season time. That’s all we can say for now 🙂


Event links for Barem Tour –





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