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This month’s Label Focus is on Juicebox Music and how one of our pioneer DJs Praveen Achary has worked so hard to get where he is with the help of, but of course, sheer talent!

Between dangling numerous gigs, a Label that is adorned with interesting artists and a Radio Show on Frisky, Praveen took out some time to answer a few question we have been dying to ask him for long. Read on to see what the label has in store you House heads, and also and insight into Praveen’s mind and his dream lineup!


Q) You have been in the Dance music industry for over a decade now. How did Juicebox Music happen? Tell us the full story.

A) I think it was just a natural progression in my career. Through the years of DJ’ing, as well as producing a particular sound I quite enjoyed showcasing, I felt it was time to do that as an imprint as well. I didn’t give it too much thought, except for the financial aspect, but when it came down to what it really was meant to do, it was worth all the risk. Juicebox Music as a label started with the intent of releasing the sound that I’ve been playing through these years, whether it’s deep or driving, mostly in the form of melodic & progressive. It was also set up to be a platform for artists from India that I felt had a unique sound, quality & vision within the label ethos. We try to help younger artists develop a profile that makes them stand out on their own as well as introduce them (and other well known producers) into our market and others as well.


Q) Where did the inspiration for your Label came from?

A) It stemmed from the music itself & wanting to help others achieve their goals, even as a stepping stone. Every time we sign something to the label, it’s signed for a reason. Whether it works now, later or never, it’s something or someone we support a 100% and want help be a part of their growth. Of course, one of the key things is to be a good person as well, we all love connecting with each other, like a family. Mentorship and unconditional & constructive support is crucial to aid the confidence you need to make the music you really want to express. I know many of our artists had almost given up at a certain point, but having each other around really helped and now they’re off doing great things!

Q) Tell us about your collaboration with Frisky Radio. How did that happen?

A) It started off with being invited to the first ‘FRISKYLovesIndia’ showcase and then moved on to being their ‘Artist of The Week‘ and then helping coordinate & be a part of the second version of ‘FRISKYLovesIndia’, at this point they asked if I’d be up for hosting my own show, which was around the same time I was brewing up the idea of starting the label. So naturally, we tied things together and kicked off ‘Juicebox’ on which airs every 2nd Tuesday of every month. The folks at FRISKY are supremely helpful & forward-thinking when it comes to being an internet radio station. They’ve got iOS & Android apps too now so you can always tune in on the go, something that was probably much needed in India where people are often stuck in traffic, haha!


Q) Tell us about some Indian talents that you have spotted recently being in the label business?

A) There are quite a handful, some of them are already on Juicebox Music as well, more recently, there’s Tatsama (Hyderbad), Greenage (Goa), Sandeep Pai (Bangalore), Film (Delhi), and of course, Greg Tomaz (Bangalore) who now helps run things with the label. Then there’s Farhan Rehman (Mumbai), Stalvart John (Bangalore) & Aaryan (Hyderabad) who are all doing some really cool work in their space.

Q) What would be your dream stage as an Artist? What would be your dream lineup?

A) Oh wow. Well, something along the beachside that went on from sunset to sunrise with a well tuned-in audience would be extremely cool.

As for a lineup, it would probably be playing alongside some of my favorite DJs that have inspired me, perhaps somewhere in between this madness:

// Sunset //
DJ Koze
Henry Saiz
Nick Warren
Hernan Cattaneo
Guy J
John Digweed
Petar Dundov (Live)
Laurent Garnier
Danny Howells
// Sunrise //

Now, wouldn’t THAT be something :)?

Q) Tell us about your most recent release?

A) The last release we just put out is a remix edition of Greg Tomaz’s 2-track EP “Alchemic Substance” that was released earlier last year. We got Turkey’s “Erdi Irmak” and Poland’s “Marboc” to give their take on ‘Alchemic Angels’ while Argentina’s “Ape Sapiens” and UK’s ‘Alfonso Muchacho’ reworked ‘The Substance of Feeling’. They all made their debut appearance on the label with this project and they all did a fantastic job, completely making it their own. There’s something in the pack for everyone!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Q) Whats next for Juicebox Music ? Tell us about the next release on your Label.

A) We’re celebrating our 20th Single/EP release with one of the most sought-after producers in the progressive scene – Michael A. He’s has releases on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat, Tone Depth’s ‘Bad Pony’ & a host of other labels including his very own – ‘Genesis’. He was also nominated by Beatport as one of the best Progressive House Artists of 2016. For Juicebox Music, he’s signed a single called “Endless Time” and we’ve got 2 remixes to accompany it. The first is Greek artist Blusoul, who has a very unique & signature style earning his track ‘Modular Memories’ a release on Guy J’s ‘Lost & Found’. He’s returning back to the label after he released the ‘Depth of Emotion’ single with us in early 2014 then a remix for ‘Diyo – Underwater’ in 2016. Always a pleasure to have him on board. Then we have the debut appearance of rAin from Mauritius, who I had the pleasure of sharing the console with when I played there. A phenomenal DJ and his productions have starting picking up a lot of pace with music on Paul Hazendonk’s “Manual Music” & his recent remix of ‘Feri – Recall’ being featured on Khen’s set for Mixmag. Once again, some great stuff from each artist, all bringing something different to the table. Quite excited about this one.

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