WHR Podcast 41 Feat. Agent

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The first WHR Podcast of the year is from Goa based DJ Smita Singh aka AGENT. Agent have a residency in electronic community radio Her show World Ocean have regular listeners from all around the globe. She is taking us through a wonderful musical journey of ethnic melodic music.

Artist bio
Agent like to create immersive experiences on the dance floor. Her sets are sonic story telling sessions, carrying you on a musical waves across borders and continents, while steering through a soulful house grooves.  She host a radio show World Ocean  – a show dedicated to sounds that span across continents, illuminating the intricate circuit of global bass music. With influences ranging from tropical to tribal, organic to digital, ethnic to avant-garde, this fortnightly show will showcase fresh, soulful, genre-hopping music that unites across borders.

Here is the mix


  1. Sol e chuva – Cigarra & Birdzzie
  2. Omacahueno – Jacob Groening
  3. Chucum – El Buho
  4. Kopru Ortas – Jacob Groening
  5. Cloudy Others – Sebastien Casanova
  6. Curacion – LamatUuc
  7. Ntaolo – Sahale and Samarana
  8. Folha de Jurema (Xique Xique’s dragonfruit mix) – Nicola Cruz
  9. Tarlabasi – Oceanvs Orientalis
  10. Demaso -Holed Coin
  11. Mori Baka – Peter Power
  12. Hunzel Riddim (Ninze remix) – Joblyn & Struppie

Sit back and enjoy.

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