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Kali G has been a DJ that i genuinely look up to and admire because his style of performance is more like an artist playing a live set rather than a selector. He not only has impeccable taste in music, but is able to do live edits on the fly and the best part is that these edits are different in every set so it never gets boring from one performance to the next. There are so many eclectic sounds from different cultures infused into his deep tech minimal soundscape. Its a true educational and mesmerizing experience.

Also given that he is from Morocco, his sound is a direct result of the geographical location of his country. If you look at the location of Morocco you will find that it literally touches Europe to the north and countries like Spain and Portugal are so close. In Addition, it is in Africa so it is connected to Sub Sahara. To top that, it has its own Berber Culture that later on got mixed up with Arabic Influences. To me being situated between all these countries is a huge advantage musically and it almost seems like music comes naturally to people of this region. They literally have music in their blood! I am very grateful i found Kali G’s music a couple of years ago and since than i have been inviting him to travel and perform across India to showcase these wonderful sounds to the people of the sub continent. In Addition he is making a full length Album for Wind Horse Records that is sounding top notch and will be out later this year. If you are in India, the first 2 weeks of February catch him perform in your cities. If you cant than definitely watch out for his album that is coming soon!


Artist bio

Khalil Belamallem, widely known as Kali.G, is flourishing as one of Morocco’s fastest rising star DJs.

Born in Rabat, Morocco; Kali.G’s started his career more than a decade ago as the Resident DJ in Catedral Club Sevilla where he played alongside some of the world’s finest DJs: Michel Cleis, Chus, Behrouz, Satoshie Tomie, David Penn to name a few.

Their influence helped him build his own style that can’t be easily defined: spiritual waves incorporating unique grooves and deep bass lines to Moroccan folklore samples and ethnic sounds.

After several years in Sevilla, Khalil decided to move to Barcelona where he made his dream come true by studying at one of the most prestigious audio engineering schools (SAE institute). He then moved to Ibiza where he lived and enjoyed regularly playing on the white island for almost 3 years. Since beginning his career, Kali.G was given the opportunity to play in legendary music venues in Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, EAU, Germany, Romania, France, Barcelona, Andalucía, and Morocco. Watching Kali.G playing is a pure show. Kali.G refuses to play a prepared playlist, he is a real artist who deeply enjoys taking risks during his always improvised sets by looping on his Cdjs and creating a magical atmosphere that takes the party to a whole other level. This is the reason behind his “The King of the loops” nickname.


In the past few years, The King of the loops shared his sets with some of the most talented artists in the underground scene such as Subb-an , NITIN, Daniel Stefanik, Dana Ruh , Eddie Richards, Mathew Dekay, Davide Squillace , David Mayer, Andrew Grant and Villanova among others. After his first release with Desertica records in 2013, Kali.G developed an absolute bastion of goodness and positivity when it comes to releasing true electronic underground sound. Much of it is inspired by his upbringing, his roots, his travels and his personal experience.

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