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I had the pleasure of meeting Celo Records boss ‘Marcelo Cura‘ the other day in Paris. Marcelo and Kali G from Morocco have collaborated together and are friends. As Kali is an integral part of Wind Horse Records, he made the introduction to further my musical exploration. After chilling in Marcelo’s studio and hearing his own productions, i was super impressed. His productions were just the vibe I like to play  in the clubs. He was kind enough to give me some promos of his label which I heard upon coming back home that night. Immediately, I realized that this was one of those labels that only release quality tracks. Even though every label wants to achieve this as their goal, it is actually quite difficult to pull this off. Only a few labels in their respective genres are able to maintain consistency where u will actually think of buying almost every track. The minimal deep tech sound of this label was super classy and have an edge. In addition, there were also some world music Influence that were very subtly thrown in there to spice things up a bit. Not to mention the artwork of Celo Records was extremely tasteful.

If you guys are into the minimal groovy music, this label will have a lot to offer for your DJ sets. I personally ended up buying a lot of  music from this label. I have chosen three of my favorite tracks from this label. Very pleased to have discovered such top notch music!

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Founded by Marcelo Cura, Celo Rec is a simple yet strong imprint based on the quality, the originality and the subtlety of minimal groove-based music. This Label blends together talented newcomers and already recognised producers alongside with cutting edge artworks.

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