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Upon discovering Fouk, I had a surge of inspiration where I went through their entire catalog and started buying almost all the tunes for my sets. While diggin through their discography I came upon Outplay Records. Finding outplay was just like the cherry on top. I have always liked funk, soul, jazz elements and to hear such labels combine all these elements in such a classy way really made feel grateful that there is some music out there that I can be proud of. This is the type of stuff I can show to my friends that are not into house music to prove to them that electronic music today is a space for proper musicians and not just DJ’s and loopers wanting to become producers. I know I may sound a bit too excited but this is the future I would like to see. Producers will have to be proper musicians and labels will push the standard up so much that kids will know they need to work hard to become professional musicians rather than cut corners to get into the game. Great Respect to Outplay Records!!


My Favorites from the label

Outplay is a record label with focus on the deeper side of house music, run by two Dutch producers, Hans Peeman (Junktion) and Daniël Leseman.

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