Review : Focal Listen Professional Headphones

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I came to know about Focal monitors a few years ago as i was in Portugal and one of my friend had a studio with these monitors. The sound that came out of the monitors was really impressive in terms of the spectrum. It seemed like I could hear the whole spread of the soundscape and that too with extreme precision. At that time I was using Genelec monitors, but what I heard from these Focal monitors sounded better than the Genelecs, so for me this is was a huge discovery and I felt like I found gold. Since that day, the Focal brand has been something i was always thinking about. 
Recently my headphones broke that was using for 5 years .They were an exclusive edition of the beats. A higher range that had been made and only 500 pieces. I was happy with these headphones but now that they had literally died after 5 years, I had to find something else and this was a huge deal for me as headphones can make or break your mixdowns.
To my surprise, I was in a music store and I came across the Focal Listen Professional Headphones. Right away I was intrigued and heard a few tunes. The sound was top notch and all the frequencies were in the right place. The bass, mids and treble were all hitting the right spot and seemed very accurate to me. Also the price of $299 seemed affordable to me, given you are getting a premium brand. In addition, the headphones were super comfortable,extremely durable and flexible. You can bend them as you want and don’t need to be careful while handling them. Even though these might not be the best headphones in terms of high fidelity sound, in terms of practical application, these are a great bet for the price.They can be used for dj’ing and for mixdowns. All it takes is getting used to the sound in these cans, and the rest is history! Overall, I am very happy that I found a focal product in this price range and that is why I was excited to share this with you guys. 

Listen Professional circum-aural closed back headphones are the essential work tool for music production. They confirm Focal’s ambition to establish itself as a leader in the professional headphone market. Sound engineers have total control over their work, whether they’re in the studio or on a business trip. Besides their undisputable acoustic performance, they also provide maximum comfort. Available at an affordable price, these headphones won’t fail to amaze users through their high-quality audio and dynamics, which can often only be experienced with more expensive headphones. The tonal balance and the capacity to reproduce the entire audio spectrum with acute precision make them the essential ally for monitoring transfer quality.

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