Music Review : AWSI Ft. Maxi Exeni – Restless EP

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I have been following Jambutek for a few years now. They have become one of my favorite labels out there. At first I was curious to hear about a label from Sri Lanka and when I checked out their music I was really impressed. In a few years they have become one of the most consistent labels out there and that too delivering high quality material which can be compared to any other label from Germany or other European countries. The Minimal Deep Tech sounds that are coming out of this label are world class! It makes me proud to see a label from the Asia sub continent to become one of the best deep tech minimal labels out there. The success and hard work of Asvajit Boyle and all the artists behind Jambutek should be celebrated.

Take this “Restless” EP by AWSI feat Max Exeni. I received this ep in my promobox and was browsing though it. Immediately the track “Future Vision” caught my attention because of the infectious bassline. I was hooked after listening to this track, but than i soon began to realize that every track in the ep was really well produced. Not to mention, Nigel Perera who in my opinion is totally unique and out of the box in terms of his sound. His Sound is really fresh and make you wonder how long it must take him to put in so many effects and that too in such a subtle and classy manner. I also loved the S II P remix! Again a slick and super fly remix with really high production values. All the blip sounds and groove just did it for me and i was immersed in this track completely.

All in All, if you guys have not heard about this Label, you really need to listen to their entire catalog. If you like the deep minimal tech vibe, you will love this label.

Release Description
As the tropical summer intensifies, we once again look towards South America for a breath of fresh air. Our much needed reprieve comes in the form of AWSI, an Argentina based DJ and producer with a bachelors degree in psychology who displays rhythmic prowess and sonic dexterity beyond his years. With the steady, rolling groove of the title track, the jacking beats of “Future Vision and the lush chords of “Lack of Sleep”, this crafty collection of eclectic tunes (made in collaboration with fellow South American producer; Maxi Exeni) keeps things fresh from beginning to end. The EP is accompanied by two smooth remixes from the always reliable S II P and label resident, Nigel Perera.


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